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Chester University student completes 5-week placement with CWL

Millie O'Gorman

Below, Millie details why she wanted to complete the placement, what she hoped to learn, and what she learned following the completion of the 5 weeks. To top off her placement with the Projects Team, Millie visited our operational Sanquhar Wind Farm to learn about the Operations side of the business.

We wish you all the best for the future, Millie!

Why did I want to do this placement?

I wanted to do my work placement here because I thought it would be a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge within sustainable energy, as well as being able to explore a potential career path in sustainable energy and confirm my interests in this field. I was also interested in exploring different software types used within this field, specifically expanding my knowledge with ArcGIS. I was interested in this software after completing a module called ‘Geomatics and Research Design’ where I was able to learn how to use ArcGIS, after completing this module the work placement here was something I knew I would enjoy regarding the aspect of using GIS.

What did I hope to learn?

During my work placement I hoped to gain a wider knowledge with using GIS and applying it to different real-world scenarios. I also wanted to develop my IT skills and learn different software that contribute to the sustainable energy sector. Additionally, I wanted to work within a team, and learn key communication and teamwork skills. Overall, I hoped to gain practical skills and a comprehensive understanding of sustainable energy, hopefully preparing me to explore this field further in the future. 

What have I learnt?

During my work placement I have significantly enhanced my GIS skills, as well as learning new software that contributes towards planning wind farm sites. I have gained a further understanding of the mechanisms behind wind power generation and the process of Wind Turbine placement, as well as the conditions needed for a wind farm site to operate well. Furthermore, I have developed knowledge on solar energy, further expanding my knowledge of sustainable energy. Moreover, I have learnt skills I can apply during future work experiences such as: It skills, Teamwork, Communication and practical skills I hope to apply to in the future for both work experiences and Uni Assignments, specifically using GIS in my dissertation next year.

To learn about Chester University's Work Based Learning programme, please visit: and follow them on Instagram @wblchester

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