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Calder Water Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund receives another instalment of over 50,000 - 24th May

Calder Water

Community Windpower Ltd are delighted to confirm that another instalment of over £50,000 has been paid to South Lanarkshire Council for the Calder Water Community Benefit Fund which is administered by the Council to local groups and charitable causes. This is the 3rd year of the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) for this wind farm, which over its 25 year lifetime will equate to £2.5 million in community benefit funding.

The REF is coordinated and managed by South Lanarkshire Council and was set-up in order to receive and distribute moneys received from onshore renewable energy developments within the South Lanarkshire boundary.

The Council are responsible for all aspects, from securing the contributions from the developers to advising potential applicants, assessing applications and monitoring projects to ensure that the community benefits associated with each project are delivered. The REF is used to help capital projects and communities within 10 km of a participating renewable energy development with the aim to improve their quality of life, the local economy and the local community.

Therefore, communities, community groups and projects within a 10 km radius of our Calder Water Community Wind Farm are encouraged to apply to South Lanarkshire Council for funding which will be allocated from the Calder Water REF.

Applications from outside the 10 km radius will be considered if it can be demonstrated that the people who will benefit live inside the eligible area. Any grants awarded would be proportional to the percentage of residents who would benefit from the project.

For more information on the South Lanarkshire Council’s REF please phone 01698 454759 or email

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