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Brad Robertson World Champion 2016 - 24th August


Community Windpower are delighted to have sponsored Brad Robertson in his recent Tae Kwon Do competition.

Brad had a tough first fight on his hands with his opponent from Kyrgyzstan who was taller and heavier but it gave him a real boost for his next competitors. He then went on to win that pool and through to the next stage where he went on to fight against a fighter from Argentina. This fight was an extremely technical one but Brad went on to win and retain the Adult Male Hyperweight Sparring World Title.

Brad was delighted with his win. “It was exciting to be fighting the Argentinians in particular who I've watched for a number of years and wondered how on earth you would fight someone that size. Fortunately I got to fight all 3. I was met with a standing ovation from the whole of Team UK when leaving the arena. Such a buzz to have such a fantastic group of spectators behind you which included my parents Jennifer & Dougie Robertson and also my brother Gav Robertson who flew down on the Friday morning to see me fight. I was also selected to be part of the 6 man Team UK Male Team where we won Gold for Sparring and Silver for patterns. It was brilliant being part of this team as I'd trained regularly in London with these guys in the preparations for World Championships. Fortunately I was sponsored for the World Championships and my training weekends. BeGreen (Community Windpower) sponsored me for World Championships and Cruz Property, Hillside Hotel Dunbar & Dunbar Tee Shirt Shop all sponsored me for my training weekends in London. Without all of their support and sponsorship none of this would be possible so I was extremely grateful to each of them.”

Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar would like to wish Brad all the best for the future!

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