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Blossom House receive 2,500 funding injection.

Blossom House P&D

Over the last 18 months Scotland has experienced various lockdowns, forcing care homes to restrict people from visiting residents. The 11 residents at Blossom Care Home, based at Belhaven Hospital, have found themselves spending a lot of time indoors and have found themselves isolated from friends and family.

Blossom House Care Home have approached Community Windpower (CWL) to access the community benefit fund from our Aikengall I and II Community Wind Farms. The funding will be used to upgrade the homes sitting room, garden and to restart outings for the residents. Part of the £2,500 funding will go towards revitalising the sitting room with new furniture, curtains and soft furnishings. Residents have spent the majority of their time in this living space and by brightening up the area it will help to boost morale at the care home.

During the pandemic the garden space has also been a key focal point. Blossom House Care Home have previously spent funds on the garden to make it look more aesthetically pleasing but £1,000 of CWL’s funding will be used to enhance the accessibility of the garden at Blossom House.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed having day trips before the pandemic and now with restrictions easing some of the funding will be utilised to run day trips once again. The mental and physical benefits of being able to get out and about are invaluable to the residents.

Blossom House has also been unable to run fundraising events for over a year now, due to the pandemic, leaving the care home in a tough position. They have recently started a breakfast club and are hoping to restart fundraising events in the coming months.

Blossom House Care Home, also known as Belhaven Nursing Home, received £2,500 last year from CWL and BeGreen Dunbar’s joint COVID-19 Crisis Fund to purchase a tablet for the residents so they could communicate with their loved ones.

Caroline Johnston, Senior Charge Nurse, at Blossom House said: "We are delighted at the kind donation from BeGreen/Community Windpower.

"The donation has enabled us to start decorating our lounge areas. We are also going to use some of the funds to go towards trips and in house entertainment.

"A big thank you from all the residents and staff at Blossom House, Belhaven Hospital."

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director at Community Windpower Ltd said: “The last two years has been tough for everyone, but care home residents and staff have specifically endured a tough time.

“It is at times like these that we need to support the local community, particularly those who are most vulnerable to ensure they remain positive and upbeat.

“The Blossom House Care Home provides an excellent service in the area and we are delighted to show our continued support to the residents, and we know firsthand how the £2,500 will make a difference”.

To enquire about our community benefit funding please contact Cathleen Anderson at our BeGreen Dunbar shop on 01368 863720 or email

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