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Beith Primary School out in the field!


Community Windpower are delighted to assist in the funding of three separate end of term school trips for Beith Primary School and have donated a combined total of £840 that has primarily gone towards funding the transportation for each of these trips.

First up, P1, 2 and 3 all went to the Kelburn Castle and Estate in Largs, with such a big group of children, Community Windpower provided funding for three coaches. While there, the pupils enjoyed exploring the secret forest, a fairy tale inspired maze with a witch’s cottage, a giant’s house and crocodile swamp. Pupils also had the opportunity to meet Dom, the estates very own friendly alpaca. Staff at the estate were fantastic, even rearranging the trip last day to avoid torrential rain and take advantage of the warm summer weather the following week.

Throughout this term, P4 pupils at Beith Primary School have been learning all about the history of the Vikings and now, with the help of CWL, had the opportunity to experience the Vikings true way of life through an end of term school trip to the interactive Vikingar! experience in Largs. The pupils were delighted to see a Viking longhouse, giving them an accurate insight into what living during the Viking era was really like. The trip also encompassed plenty of dressing up as villagers of a traditional Viking village and meeting with the legendary Viking gods themselves.

To round off the day, the pupils were able to watch an educational film about the battle of Largs. A historic battle between the kingdoms of Norway and Scotland that took place in 1263. Scotland achieved victory, ending the multi century invasion of the Vikings, despite being tremendously outnumbered.

Finally, the P4/5 class went on an educational trip to Glasgow Science Centre. During the day pupils enjoyed the science show, “Our changing Climate” where they went on a journey learning about the birth of our planet, the evolution of life and discovering why our climate has changed across the planetary history. The Science trip also included a trip to the IMAX cinema where pupils and teachers watched a 3D film titled, “Under the Sea” that focused on the oceans and the impact climate change is having on them.

Community Windpower were delighted to donate £490 for transportation to Kelburn Castle, £180 towards the trip to Vikingar! in Largs and £170 towards the Glasgow Science Centre trip through their community benefits fund. These trips have allowed pupils to consolidate their in-class learning with an outdoor interactive experience.

Pete Boustead, Educational Ranger for Community Windpower, said: “The pupils and teachers at Beith Primary School thoroughly enjoyed these fantastic school trips.

“Learning about Scottish history and the science behind our planet and climate is extremely important for the pupils understanding of their planet and own local heritage.

“With the last 2 years of disrupted learning, it is fantastic to see the return of educational school trips which have been deeply missed, by myself and the pupils”.

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