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BeGreen Dalry plays a vital role in helping to save a life 20th November


Just weeks after BeGreen Dalry installed a defibrillator outside their Energy Advice Centre, a customer collapsed in a local supermarket. Thankfully a first responder was on the scene and when it was determined that a defibrillator was needed, another shopper in the store knew that there was a defibrillator newly available outside the BeGreen Dalry store. Once recovered, the first responder used the defibrillator and the victim of a suspected heart attack was rushed to hospital.

Later, news arrived that the victim of the heart attack had survived thanks to the efforts of the first responder and the availability of the defibrillator at the scene; without which it is unlikely he would have survived.

Sandra Scott, one of our Energy Advisors at BeGreen Dalry, who was contacted by a local group as for assistance with installing the defibrillator, said “we feel so privileged to have been a part of this. To help save a life because of decisions we made feels incredible…Now we carry two spare sets of replacement pads all the time at BeGreen and we’ve agreed to pay for the replacement of the battery pack when that is required”. Sandra, a first responder herself, is trained to use the defibrillator and now monitors the device on a daily basis as well as carrying out weekly tests to ensure that it remains operational.

Diane Wood, Company Benefits Director at Community Windpower said “This is possibly the clearest ever example of how BeGreen’s donations to local communications can make a real difference”.

Everyone at Community Windpower and BeGreen are delighted to have made a difference in the community and our best wishes go out to the persons involved.

Photo: Sandra Scott, Energy Advisor at BeGreen Dalry

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