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Beattock Primary School Visits Sanquhar Community Wind Farm! 31st October


We were delighted to welcome pupils from Beattock Primary to our Sanquhar Community Wind Farm for a guided wind farm visit!

On 31st October, Ben and Richard, members of our project development team welcomed Beattock Primary School’s P1-P7 to Sanquhar Town Hall to deliver an interactive workshop on climate change, the greenhouse effect, renewable energy and wind power.

The workshop began with an interactive activity about the greenhouse effect. One pupil acts as the Earth, and one group represents cars, one group planes, and another coal power stations. As the cars stamped their feet, planes circled the earth and coal power stations jumped on the spot, we added layers of coats, jumpers and jackets on to the Earth. This represents the layers of carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere and is a very visible but simple way to understand how the greenhouse effect actually works and how it causes the Earth to warm up.

Following this, the topic of Energy, more specifically, Renewable and Non-renewable Energy was discussed. We were impressed with the pupils’ knowledge on this topic and how energy is used on a day-to-day basis.

The next activity was to build a model turbine. This helped the pupils to learn about the different parts of a wind turbine and how electricity is generated.

The greenhouse effect activity was then repeated, this time with a slight difference. We replaced cars with electric cars, planes with electric powered planes, and coal power stations with renewable energy schemes such as wind farms. We were extremely proud of the pupils who said “NO!” when we asked them “Do we add a layer to the Earth?”

After lunch, the pupils then boarded the minibus and travelled a short distance to visit Sanquhar Community Wind Farm – CWL’s most recent wind farm consisting of 9 turbines, generating up to 32.4MW of clean, green and locally sourced energy which is enough to power 30,000 homes.

This was the highlight of the day, as teachers and pupils were able to get up close to the 130m tall turbines where Ben gave a greater insight into how they operate, how much energy they generate and the project lifecycle. The visit also coincided with Beattock Primary School’s Employability Week, so Richard was asked many interesting questions about jobs in the renewable energy industry.

We would like to thank the pupils of Beattock Primary School for their incredible behavior and fantastic questions, and to show our appreciation of their hard work and understanding, everyone was given a goodie bag to take home.

Community Windpower are committed to providing benefits to our host communities and we take pride in our educational visits. We hope our ongoing commitment to education through workshops, presentations and guided wind farm tours can inspire the next generation to pursue a career in the renewable energy industry.

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