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Aikengall IIa construction update

Array 2

Construction work at Aikengall IIa Community Wind Farm begin in 2020, with access tracks being formed to allow the wind turbines to be safely transported and installed. In the early construction phase the reinforced concrete foundations were also constructed, ready for the turbines.

In March 2021 the first major components arrived onsite, an electrical transformer.; this transformer acts as a link between the wind turbines and the electrical grid.

Turbine components, including blades and tower sections, started to arrive on site in early May 2021. Heavy haulage experts, Collett and Sons Ltd delivered our Siemens turbines parts to site from Grangemouth Port in Edinburgh.

Since May these components have been installed onsite; utilising WindHoist and their large cranes to carefully lift and place these sections of the turbine.

Once the tower sections are installed and bolted together the Nacelles began are fitted to the tops of the towers. The nacelle is the rectangular section at the top of the turbine and is home to the generator.

This is closely followed by the three blades, which are lifted in a single movement and requires a significant amount of skill and low wind to place these units on to the turbine. This is the final stages of the turbine assembly process. There then follows a period of commissioning and testing before the wind farm is connection to the electrical grid network.

Martin Redpath at Midlothian Utilities Ltd said:

“We have been working closely with CWL over the past 12 years ; they’re a fabulous, dynamic company to work with and our business based just outside of Edinburgh has grown from strength to strength on the back of CWL’s wind generation projects and associated work. Our local team has grown and is always delighted to be working on the CWL sites around Scotland”.

Rob Fryer, Director at Community Windpower Ltd said:

“We have been delighted to be reinforce our ‘Buy Scottish’ ethos; using the likes of RJM, Midlothain, and other local plant hire and service companies is simple proof. Add in all the local spend on the likes of concrete, stone, fuel and consumables adds money into the pockets of local firms, and directly into the local economy, which is great, particularly at this time of uncertainty

The first array of 5 turbines has now been installed at Aikengall IIa, with the other 14 turbines well under way and are aiming to be completed by the end of July.

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