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A journey down memory lane for Headway East Lothian


Headway East Lothian are a charity, founded in 2004 by those with a direct interest in brain injuries. The charity provides Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) survivors access to activities that improve self-esteem and confidence, helping to provide skills and information to help with self-managing their condition.

Headway East Lothian came to Anouska Woods, our BeGreen Dunbar Community Coordinator, looking for £2,000 towards a new project aimed at boosting members’ communication skills and memory. The funding will go toward accessible venue costs, activity costs, transport, refreshments and entry tickets to Dunbar Museum, the John Gray Centre, Tapestry of Scotland Museum and Edinburgh Museum of Music at St Cecilia’s Hall for guided tours.

The funding will allow 30 people, all with different mobility, communication, behavioural, cognitive, and sensory issues, to attend the museum visits aimed at getting people talking and reminiscing.

Headway East Lothian is also organising activity sessions for those involved. Jackie Slater of Historic Environment Scotland (HES) will be leading the group through ‘journeys’, providing presentations of various memorable items, hobbies, work, and uniforms. Music makers will also be present on the project working with attendees to sing, play instruments to help with social and communication skills aimed at boosting happiness levels.

The charity focuses on developing self-management services, leading independent living skills, and provisioning therapeutic rehabilitation activities at 3 weekly group meetings. The charity work at a local level but also extend to a national level, with strong links to Headway UK.

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar Energy Advice Centre, said: “I am pleased to be supporting Headway East Lothian with this £2,000 donation to run these trips and activity sessions. It’s nice that the charity is able to do in-person visits after having to do virtual tours throughout the pandemic. We hope everyone involved can benefit from this experience”.

For more information about Headway East Lothian and how they support those with cognitive impairments in the community please visit:  

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