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A Great Big CWL Green Week


CWL staff members completed a litter pick event around Frodsham, Cheshire which was one of 4500+ Great Big Green Week (18th – 26th September 2021) events across the UK.

On Friday 24th September in the afternoon the CWL staff split into two teams to collect litter around Frodsham to highlight how small contributions can help make a difference in your local community.  

The two teams were able to collect a total of 11.1kg of rubbish along the roads around the companies head office on a bright autumn day in Frodsham.  

Earlier in the week for #WorldCarFreeDay the CWL staff members chose to car share or walk/cycle to work to try and drive down our vehicle usage. Together we managed to use 30% less cars for the day.  

The Great Big Green Week (GBGW), named Climate Fringe Week in Scotland, was the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK and celebrated how communities are taking action to tackle climate change. The goal of GBGW was to build pressure on the UK government before it hosts world leaders in Glasgow, at the Global Summit on Climate Change (COP26) in November 2021.

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director, at Community Windpower Ltd said “CWL did not hesitate to set up an event when we heard about Great Big Green Week.

“Here at CWL we try our best to make individual contributions to help tackle the climate crisis.

“We thoroughly enjoyed getting out in the sunshine and completing a litter pick to do our part for our local community.

“Moving forward we will continue to make individual efforts, to help reduce our environmental footprint. “

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