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A day of habitat works at Sneddon Law Community Wind Farm


At our Sneddon Law Community Wind Farm in East Ayrshire, habitat management works were undertaken recently by the Irvine branch of the Scottish Wildlife Trust and their volunteers, conservationists Eadha Enterprises, and ecologists from Starling Learning. The team carried out a myriad of works, including wildflower seed sowing, wildflower planting, and protective shrub planting around an artificial badger sett. They also built an artificial otter holt, using turf and branches, to provide a safe home for nearby otters along the riverbank.

Otters use holts, a hole or tunnel in the ground, to sleep and rest. The newly constructed holt at the wind farm blends seamlessly into the riverbank, made out of a shell of logs, turf, and featuring a comfortable carpet lining.

Liz Parsons of Starling Learning, who is the Ecological Clerk of Works at Sneddon Law Community Wind Farm, said: “Overall, the day was fantastic. The shrub planting will protect the badger sett due to its jaggy nature, and the otter holt will hopefully become a safe and cozy space for an otter family.”

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