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9000 donation towards the restoration of ELC Core Footpath 40

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Spott Community Association are fundraising for a project that aims to re-open the East Lothian Council (ELC) Core Footpath 40, part of a stunning and scenic 3.39km circular walk. The footpath is one of three core paths centering on Spott Village, and once restored, Footpath 40 itself will provide a safe pedestrian access between Dunbar and Spott, encouraging residents to walk the short route rather than taking the car.

Currently, the route has fallen into disrepair and is impassable due to boggy areas, a washed away bridge and a steep overgrown bank. Additionally, one of the stiles over a stone wall is missing. To reinstate the ELC 40 footpath, the project proposes to replace the bridge and stile, construct an elevated walkway across the boggy areas, install steps up the steep bank, and carry out general clearance and maintenance on the remainder of the path.

Reopening the route would improve access to the countryside and local nature for everyone, and encourage walking, which is beneficial for both physical and mental health as well as bringing added social benefits. Furthermore, the restoration of this route would allow organized social and educational events, such as guided walks and picnics for adults, children and families, to address the issues of social isolation and loneliness that have become more prevalent due to the recent Covid pandemic.

Community Windpower, through BeGreen Dunbar are delighted to donate £9000 towards this vital restoration project that is being managed by Spott Community Association. Spott Community Association is a registered charity that has worked to maintain the local village hall for a number of years. Outside of this, the charity also works on that focus on local residents and their environment and community.

Providing local environmentally sustainable activities is extremely important to green development, and the restoration of ELC core footpath 40 will provide residents and tourists with a useful resource to explore the natural beauty of both the Dunbar and Spott communities.

“Spott Community Association are delighted to receive the donation from BeGreen towards restoration of Core Footpath 40 and can’t wait to see the work begin in the next few weeks.  The bridge has been commissioned and we are all very much looking forward to crossing Spott Burn at Footpath 40 with dry feet!  We cannot thank BeGreen enough for their support with our project, and look forward to welcoming locals and tourists alike to our Core Footpath walks.”

For updates on the on the bridge replacement and footpath visit:

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