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400 personalised T-shirts delivered to end the school year on a high

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During the winter term, Community Windpower (CWL) funded a second phase of free sports sessions to be delivered by community interest group Let’s Get Sporty (LGS). The delivery of the second phase came off of the back of a successful first phase of free sports session delivered by LGS during the Autumn term.

The sessions took place at five different primary schools across Dumfries and Galloway: Closeburn, Penpont, Johnstonebridge, Langholm and Beattock, where CWL currently have three wind farm projects in the planning system with the Energy Consents Unit and Scottish Ministers.

Phase 2 of the collaboration was an extension of the delivery of five weeks of free sport sessions that focused on promoting and developing pupil’s health and wellbeing while simultaneously developing the children’s understanding of sustainability and renewable energy, with a particular focus on onshore wind. The sports sessions were a mix of traditional sports including football, basketball and hockey alongside some fun innovative wind power inspired games such as Turbine Tag and the Energy Game.

As part of CWL’s long standing commitment to our Scottish host communities, pupils were once again invited to draw a self-portrait which was sent to CWL, who commissioned Sanquhar-based Nith Valley Embroidery to create bespoke T-shirts, with all pupils from each class having their portrait included alongside their classmates. Overall, the project delivered over 2000 hours of free sports sessions to 1400 pupils across Dumfriesshire, in 9 different schools. The sessions were funded by Community Windpower at a cost of £13,434, and the T-shirts were commissioned at a total cost of £8,500.

Last week, during the last week of the summer term, CWL and LGS visited the schools to deliver the personalised T-shirts to the pupils. The delivery came as a welcome surprise to the pupils who were delighted to receive them just in time for their summer holidays.

Dayne Moore from LGS said: “The pupils were over the moon to receive their personalised T-shirts during the last week of term. Delivering these sessions to the schools has been a fantastic opportunity and the pupils have really enjoyed getting involved in various different sporting activities. The funding from Community Windpower has provided a great opportunity for these pupils and this has been a great partnership with many benefits to the local schools. We look forward to building on our collaboration with Community Windpower”.

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director at Community Windpower said, “We are delighted to have worked alongside Let’s Get Sporty throughout this latest delivery of sports sessions. What a fantastic way to be able to finish off the summer term with the delivery of these bespoke T-shirts. Each pupil was excited to receive their T-shirt and we hope they can look back on them in the future and remember the fun experiences they were able to share with friends. Looking forward, we are excited to continue working with schools by delivering informative presentations on climate change, sustainability, and renewable energy”.

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