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25,000 grant for new accessible facilities at Dalry Bowling Club


Dalry Bowling Club outlined plans to improve the inclusivity of their clubhouse, 25 Braehead, Dalry Public Park, by installing a new accessible toilet.

The installation came with a sizable bill and the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust (DPBT), who distribute community benefit funding on behalf of Community Windpower, stepped in to provide a £25,000 grant to the club.

The club has been a fixture in the town since 1864 and is a real community asset which is also a popular venue for private functions at affordable rates.

The project is ideal for community use as it helps local people, improves local facilities, and increases the accessibility for all clubhouse users and visitors.

Dalry Bowling Club supports schools through Scotland’s national ‘Try Bowls’ programme aiming to attract new beginners to the sport. The club also offers free memberships to young people under the age of 18.

This campaign helps create a stronger link between the club and its community and hopefully increases their membership, making the project one which we had to support and fund.

Diane Wood, Community Benefit Director at Community Windpower, stated: “We are delighted to support Dalry Bowling Club as their clubhouse is a real community asset, being popular with the local community for family and community functions.

“Accessibility and inclusivity are something that people shouldn’t have to worry about when visiting local clubs and facilities.

“By installing this new accessible toilet at the Club, we are hoping to improve this community asset and indirectly increase the membership and bookings at the club”.

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