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1,500 grant helps support publication of Dalry heritage booklet

Dalry Heritage Booklet

Since 2018, a large heritage board for ‘Our Town Dalry’ has stood proudly in the centre of Dalry, educating residents and visitors about the town’s growth, notable people, and history throughout the eras. Alongside commemorative engraved pavers installed next to the Biggart Fountain, the heritage board was installed thanks to a staged grant of over £7,000 from the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust (DPBT).

The group who coordinated these installations, the Bypass Art Group, are involved with local heritage projects and they recently approached the DPBT for £1,500 to support their next project: the publication of a Heritage Booklet to accompany the board. Now, visitors and locals alike can tour Dalry with the booklet, learning all about its rich history, interesting street names, and much more!

Pete Boustead, a Trustee of the DPBT and Educational Ranger at Community Windpower, said: “This is an amazing project, one which completes the existing learning opportunities in and around Dalry. Now when people walk around the town they can learn on the go and see every corner of Dalry and its history. Well done to all involved!”

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