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10,000 boost for Dalry Thistle Football Club

Merksworth Park

Like many clubs and organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dalry Thistle Football Club have struggled with a loss of income and participation due to restrictions.

Due to the pandemic league matches were cancelled, this means that the club has been unable to play and fans have not been able to attend Merksworth Park, leaving the club without a steady income for 18 months.

The club was also hit by having to fulfil obligations to bookings made pre-pandemic leaving them in a financially unstable situation. Furthermore, the club had its 100-year anniversary while in the midst of the pandemic, missing ample opportunity to raise much needed funds for the team and facilities.

Now with the easing of lockdown the club is looking to restart with the appointment of new a management team and new set of players. Moreover, the club are taking the step into the West of Scotland Professional League level 7. The change means Dalry Thistle must adhere to new regulations, and these require the club to purchase new kits and training equipment.

Through our community benefit funding we have been able to provide £10,000 to the long-standing club which will enable them to compete in the 2021/22 season. The funding will help to cover the administration fees for the whole season, provide new equipment and kits and lift some of the financial burden left by the COVID-19 restrictions.

Diane Wood, Community Benefit Director at Community Windpower Ltd, said: “We are delighted to be able to deliver £10,000 in funding to Dalry Thistle Football Club, we look forward to seeing the new kits.

“We are proud to support such a long-standing club and help bring football events back to the Dalry community. We wish the club all the best for their 2021/22 season and hope the fans will enjoy watching their local club compete in the West of Scotland Football League.”

For more information about Community Windpower Ltd please visit or call us on 01928 734544.

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