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1,000 grant boost to newly established Inclusive Surfing Scotland

Inclusive Surfing Scotland

Founded in June 2023 by Iain Donaldson, Inclusive Surfing Scotland is run on a voluntary basis, providing adaptive surfing sessions to surfers with disabilities or additional needs. The charity was set up as there is currently no specialist provision for surfers in the entirety of the central belt of Scotland, which is home to around 70% of Scotland’s population.

Furthermore, around 1 in 5 in Scotland define themselves as having a disability, that’s around 20% of the population. Inclusive Surfing Scotland caters to those with hearing and sight impairments, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), limb loss, wheelchair users, and people with cerebral palsy. Sessions will take place at Belhaven Bay, Pease Bay, and across the Firth at St Andrews West Sands, where the surf communities are thriving.

Community Windpower (CWL), through BeGreen Dunbar, are delighted to provide a grant of £1,000 which has gone towards the cost of a Mobi-Chair, which is a floating beach wheelchair that can move easily across sand and water. Convenient and portable, the Mobi-Chair is an essential piece of kit when transferring surfers from land to sea.

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “We are so pleased to be able to help this amazing new charity to reach their funding goals, and we are incredibly excited to see how the sessions go. The thriving surfing community will now be in reach to so many more individuals, which is a wonderful thing.”

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