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1,000 for invaluable sensory equipment


The Dunbar ASN Community have provided essential care to children in Dunbar with additional support needs for a year, and they are very eager to continue this work as the monthly sessions have proved to be invaluable in the community. The sessions allow children with additional needs to play in a safe and inclusive environment, whilst also allowing their families and carers to receive support and advice from those who run the ASN group.

CWL were delighted to donate £1,000 in funding support to the Dunbar ASN Community, delivered by BeGreen Dunbar, after they requested money to purchase supportive technology and sensory equipment for the older children to use. For children with additional support needs, iPads and other tablet devices are an incredibly useful tool that helps them communicate with others. As they are a relatively new group, the Dunbar ASN Community provided these pieces of equipment from their own households; now, they can have new items that will allow older children to feel included.

In addition to new iPads, the group will use the funding to purchase a myriad of new sensory items and tools. These include calming and relaxing sensory lights, balance boards to help with mobility, textured stepping stones and other visual sensory kits to engage the children and allow them to interact with new items. We are delighted to support this group and we hope they continue these valuable sessions far into the future!

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “Seeing new groups such as this do such wonderful things in the community is very heartwarming, and we are delighted to be able to deliver this funding to them and allow them to flourish as they take care of the children and their families. Safe playtime and learning should be a right for everyone, especially for children with additional support needs, and this money will really help broaden their sensory horizons in a safe and manageable way.”

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