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Community Windpower supports Children's Health Scotland charity with 2,000 donation

Children with medical costumes

Children’s Health Scotland are a charitable organisation dedicated towards ensuring that children and young people (CYP) in Scotland receive their right (as outlined in article 24 of the UNCRC and article 7 of the European Association for Children in Hospital) to access quality healthcare treatment.

To achieve this, Children’s Health Scotland strives to educate CYP and their families on their rights and responsibilities, as well as provide guidance on where individuals can access further health related information and support. Children’s Health Scotland also currently offers CYP living with health conditions, the opportunity to participate in their esteemed Self-Management Program. Consisting of six two-hour workshops delivered over a six-week period, this course is designed to provide CYP with information and skills to improve their ability to cope with long-term health conditions. In the organisation’s latest annual report, Children’s Health Scotland reported that 86% of CYP’s who participated in the program experienced better communication skills, 91% reported feeling more equipped to handle stress, and a further 95% felt more socially included.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, reports by Scottish Parliament have predicted that the demand for specialist services, such as those provided by Children’s Health Scotland, are only due to increase. This claim is congruent with a recent UK wide survey by mental health charity YoungMinds, which found that 63% of people living with a long-term health condition reported feelings of stress and anxiety due to the pandemic, and 83% of people with an existing mental health condition admitted that the pandemic made them feel worse.

Therefore, to support the continued amazing work of Children’s Health Scotland in these demanding times, CWL are proud to announce that we will be providing the organisation with a £2,000 direct corporate donation. This funding will contribute towards funding Children’s Health Scotland critical services supporting the health and well-being of children and young people in Scotland.

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director at CWL, said: “Whilst this application did not fall under the boundary of our community benefits funding, we are proud to be supporting Children’s Health Scotland with a direct donation. We are incredibly inspired by their amazing work and are delighted to be contributing to their mission of ensuring that children and young people get the healthcare treatment that they need and deserve.”

Commenting on the donation, Helen Forrest, Chief Executive of Children’s Health Scotland, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to send a huge thank you to Community Windpower for their generous £2000 donation. As demand for our services rises, we can see how critical the work of Children’s Health Scotland is in supporting families across Scotland. The kindness and generosity of trusts, organisations and companies such as Community Windpower allows us to continue meeting the needs of children and young who need us most, and for that we are grateful.”

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