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300,000 Dalry Parish Boundary Trust Energy Fund


In a partnership between Community Windpower and the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, a £300,000 energy fund has been established to provide assistance to vulnerable people and families in Dalry. The fund is administered by Advice Direct Scotland. 

The fund is open to those living in relevant KA24 postcodes in Dalry and grants and eligibility will depend on individual circumstances. There will be a focus on households with children living in poverty, people living with cancer, those in receipt of a disability benefit, pensioners, and households which use a large amount of energy to power medical equipment.

It follows a similar partnership in East Lothian, where over 1,400 households have received grants to help with soaring energy costs. National advice charity Advice Direct Scotland, which also delivers the Scottish Government’s Home Heating Support Fund, will make payments for electricity usage by issuing PayPoint or Post Office vouchers, or money will be sent directly to suppliers for  those with credit meters.

The fund is not for historical debt and will run until funds are exhausted. It is over and above all existing national support available.

Full details of the fund and the application forms can be found here:  

For more details about the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust and their work, please visit: 


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