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255,000 Covid-19 Crisis Fund

Community Windpower responded to the Covid-19 crisis by making £255,000 of funds available to local communities in or near our operational wind farms.

We’re working with our teams at BeGreen Dunbar and BeGreen Dalry, along with various community councils and the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, to ensure funds are made available to organisations who need it most.

The financial support is through both money diverted from wind farm community benefit funds and directly from Community Windpower itself.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, said: “We’re living in worrying and unprecedented times for everyone, and now is the time we need to dig deep and help people in communities that are being negatively impacted by this crisis.

“Our support to the local communities began in early 2020, but we quickly realised from speaking to organisations that wider help was urgently required. That’s why we created official funds, alongside financial support to organisations we have ongoing partnerships with.

“Our funds are open to applications from registered organisations, and we’re looking at providing decisions on all applications within 48 hours.

“We’ve done this to ensure the money we provide reaches those who need it most.”

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