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1 million Energy Fund in East Lothian

EL Fund

In December 2022, we launched a £1,000,000 energy fund to help vulnerable residents in East Lothian with their winter energy bills. In a partnership with Community Windpower, East Lothian Council and Advice Direct Scotland, the fund aimed to provide a reassuring safety net for residents in East Lothian as energy bills and electricity costs soared.

This fund was supported directly from Community Windpower's onshore wind farms near Aikengall, East Lothian. It was administered by Advice Direct Scotland, which also operates the Scottish Government's Home Heating Support Fund across the country, with swift payments were made to successful applications to help them with their energy bills.

National charity Advice Direct Scotland made payments for electricity usage by issuing PayPoint or Post Office vouchers, or sent the money direct to the supplier for those with a credit meter. In most cases, a grant was awarded for two months’ electricity use. However, additional payments were made based on individual circumstances, such as the number of children in a household or evidence of illness or disability. The fund was not for historical debt and ran until the end of March 2023.

Therefore, the fund is now closed, but it provided assistance to over 1,400 vulnerable individuals and families across East Lothian.

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