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Current Status

CWL issued a Scoping Report to the Energy Consents Unit in September 2017, and are currently reviewing the Scoping Opinion received in January 2018. CWL are currently progressing through the comments raised within the Scoping Opinion which will inform the final design of Cliffhope Community Wind Farm.

The Scoping Report can be viewed here.

Project Information

Cliffhope Community Wind Farm comprises 46 wind turbines, with an overall generating capacity of 322 MW.

Site Location

Cliffhope Community Wind Farm is located within the Scottish Borders, approximately 15.5 km south east of Hawick and 12.5 km north east of Newcastleton.  

View a copy of the proposed Cliffhope Community Wind Farm turbine layout submitted at Scoping.

Wind Farm Layout

Cliffhope Community Wind Farm is currently being assessed through an iterative design process, therefore details of the turbine model, tip heights, and turbine locations will be presented in due course once design work has been finalised.

Environmental Benefits

The proposed Cliffhope Community Wind Farm could make a significant contribution to meeting Scotland’s renewable energy and climate change targets, as it is predicted to provide 322 MW of clean, green electricity. Additionally, Cliffhope could help prevent the release of 606,455 tonnes of harmful CO2 annually during its operational lifetime.

Economic Benefits

Cliffhope Community Wind Farm will provide community benefit funding during the lifetime of the wind farm. In addition, Shared Ownership proposals will be considered alongside feedback from the local communities. Further details of the Shared Ownership models to be offered will be available to the local community during public exhibitions for their comment and consultation.

The proposed wind farm development will also create new employment opportunities and support local businesses through Community Windpower’s ‘Buy Scottish Policy’. Further details on this can be seen here

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