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Aikengall Community Wind Farm


Current Status

Aikengall Community Windfarm, our second windfarm project became operational in March 2009.

Where is the site?

Aikengall Community Windfarm is located in East Lothian, around 3 km South of the village of Innerwick and 9.5 km South of Dunbar.

Windfarm Layout

Aikengall Community Windfarm comprises of 16 Vestas V90 wind turbines. These turbines have a tip height of 125 metres and a generating rating of 3.0 MW. In total the wind farm has an installed capacity of 48 MW of clean, green electricity.

Environmental Benefits

Aikengall Community Windfarm generates enough electricity to power around 30,000 homes and will displace over 54,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. The electricity generated is fed into the local grid through the Dunbar substation and directed for local consumption.

Community Benefits

As part of the Aikengall Community Windfarm, Community Windpower has and will continue to provide community benefits to the local area. A few examples are detailed below:

  • Opening and operation of the BeGreen Dunbar and District Energy Advice Centre in Dunbar
  • Family Fun Days at the wind farm
  • Funding for educational school trips & visits to the wind farm 
  • Funding for the enhancement of the Lammermuir Deans SSSI
  • Donation and Sponsorship for community events, community groups and sports teams

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