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Aikengall II

Current Status

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm is currently under construction and due to be operational in 2017.

The main on-site civil works for Aikengall II Community Wind Farm are now complete. Turbine components have been delivered to site and subsequently installed.  

Paisley based Barr Construction, part of the Barr Aggregates Group and Gael Force Renewables, as the main contractors were awarded the £7 million civils contract.  Plant hire and construction personnel have been sourced from across Scotland while as many raw materials as possible have been Scottish, including concrete and steel reinforcement for the turbine foundations.

Scottish Power will complete the grid connection works for the scheme which includes maintaining the existing local infrastructure.

Project Progress

Work is currently being undertaken towards the final grid connection and commissioning of the wind farm.

Community Liaison Officer

Anouska Woods

Telephone Number: 01368 863720

Email Address:

Project Information

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm was given planning consent by the Scottish Government in March 2013. The wind farm has an installed capacity of 60.8 MW to generate clean, green electricity.

Site Location

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm is located in East Lothian, 6 km south of Innerwick and 11 km southeast of Dunbar. The wind farm forms an extension of Community Windpower’s operational Aikengall Community Wind Farm.

Wind Farm Layout

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm will comprise of 19 Siemens Direct Drive wind turbines. These wind turbines have a tip height of 145 metres and a generating capacity of 3.2 MW.

Environmental Benefits

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm will generate enough electricity to power approximately 40,000 homes and will displace around 68,700 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per annum.

Economic Benefits

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm will provide annual community benefit funding equivalent to £5,000 per MW of installed capacity for the planning permission of the wind farm. Based on an installed capacity of 60.8 MW, this equates to £304,000 per annum, totalling around £7.6 million during the 25 year operational period, for the local host communities.

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