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WMO warns that climate records reveal an unprecedented rate of climate change - 21st March


The WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) highlights the climate and weather records that were broken in 2015 as being a powerful message for world leaders. Global temperatures, rainfall and droughts all saw increases throughout the year, whilst cyclone activity was markedly unusual.

Global surface temperatures hit 0.76C above the 1961-90 average, and this trend looks set to continue as NASA figures have shown that last month was the most unseasonably hot month on record by a massive margin.

Some of the records are as shown:

  •          The latest WMO CO2 levels are 43% higher than pre-industrial levels  
  •          Sea level has been gauged as being the highest on record
  •          Heatwaves in southern Indian killed 2,000 people in two states alone
  •          Extreme rainfall records were also broken as 11 months of rain fell in 1 day on the west Libyan coast, whilst Marrakech in Morroco received 13 months of rain in 1 hour in August

Environmentalists are now urging for far-reaching measures to cut carbon dioxide emissions, and are calling for immediate action to help deal and adapt with climate change.

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