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Windpower output jumps 16% - 13th April

Wind turbine

Wind output has jumped 16 per cent year on year and now provides more than enough to power all of Scotland's homes, according to WWF Scotland.

Analysis by WWF shows a large increase on last month’s wind energy output compared to March 2014. Output is now up to 161,322MWh. Strong March winds created this increase in energy output which will supply the needs of 110% of Scottish households and 57% of Scotland’s entire electricity demand from homes, businesses and industry. This energy output is up 16% on March last year and hopefully paves the way for another record breaking year.

Solar panels are providing over half of Scotland’s energy supply and is helping the renewable energy market become even stronger.

Scotland is generating large amounts of renewable energy however there is a call on politicians to keep supporting investment to allow Scotland to achieve its higher energy targets, this should become easier as public approval ratings are constantly increasing.

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