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Wind farm subsidy ban may not apply in Scotland - 29th May 2015

Wind farm

Ministers announce they will consult with the Scottish Government over pledge to end subsidies for wind farms.

The Conservatives initially pledged to ‘end any new public subsidy’ for onshore wind farms however on Wednesday announced it would be ‘consulting with the devolved administrators on changes to subsidy regime for onshore wind farms’.

Nicola Sturgeon, (Scottish First Minister) who is strongly in favour of more onshore wind farms, has demanded a veto on the Conservatives plans for subsidy cuts. The majority of onshore wind projects are in Scotland with 1,642 of 2,836 turbines currently awaiting planning permission in Scotland with only 483 in England.

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced that it is still ‘the government’s intention to end onshore wind subsidies’ however he added that ‘there is no point doing a consultation without taking the outcomes in to account’ paving the way for a potential change in Conservative plans.

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