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Wind farm study finds 'no direct evidence' they affect health - 13th February

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A report by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has found there is “no direct evidence” to suggest wind farms affect health in humans.

The chairman of the NHMRC, Sydney University Emeritus Professor Bruce Armstrong, said “It’s absolutely the case that there was no direct evidence that exposure to wind farms affects someone’s physical or mental health directly,” Armstrong said. “There was evidence that people were more likely to be annoyed, particularly annoyed about wind farms, when they were close to them, and we do know that being annoyed, long periods of being annoyed, can lead to stress, and we know stress can lead to poor health outcomes ... so there’s a potential indirect effect.”

The evidence on wind farms and human health information paper was released on Wednesday and is the result of a review of more than 4,000 documents on the connection between wind farms and health.

NHMRC’s chief executive, Professor Warwick Anderson, said the documents included those submitted by the public and ranged from scientific studies to editorials and court transcripts.

Only 13 of the 4,000 documents reviewed met the reference group’s criteria for relevant research.

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