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Wind energy significant in reducing greenhouse gas emissions - 12th December


New research shows wind energy generated in the UK prevented around 36 million tonnes of carbon emissions over six years.

This figure is the equivalent of removing 2.3 millions cars from UK roads according to the study compiled by Edinburgh University.  The research involved analysing National Grid data on energy generation sources from 2008 to 2014.

It is claimed to be the 'most accurate' study to date as real energy output figures have been used.  In contrast, the researchers state that UK government figures on the carbon savings from wind turbines have been underestimated by 3.4 million tonnes.  This equates to emissions from 220,000 vehicles.

The new research shows the important role wind energy could play in cutting carbon emissions, reducing the impacts of climate change and meeting future UK energy requirements.

WWF Scotland Director Lang Banks said: "it's great to finally have an independent and authoritative study that puts a more accurate figure on the massive amounts of climate-damaging carbon emissions being avoided thanks to wind power.  The figures in the study highlight just one example of the many benefits that have come from shifting our electricity system to a clean renewable one".

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