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Wind and Solar doubter "Proved Wrong" - 14th November


In his first speech since his appointment as business and energy secretary, Greg Clark has said that fears over intermittent solar and wind power were “overblown” and those who said they would jeopardise Britain’s energy network were “Proved wrong”.

In Mr Clark’s first major speech on energy since he took up the appointment in July, he set out definitely in support of Green Technologies, stating that it was imperative that Britain used every industrial lever that we have to meet our Climate Change targets.

While it was acknowledged that the intermittent nature of wind and solar was “creating new challenges for the system” he insisted that the fears we had over a decade ago were “overblown”. He went on to say that “It was said that our power system couldn't cope with a significant percentage of our power coming from renewables. The doubters are being proved wrong"

He followed up by stating that 14% of our electricity now comes from “intermittent sources” and that the electricity supply remains the most reliable in Europe. He also stated that while this intermittent power does increase the cost it is on the Government and regulators to cope.

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