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Will Major Fire at UK Gas Burning Power Station Affect our Power Supplies? - 20th October

UK Power Station Fire

Didcot B has two "modules" which together provide around 1.3GW of electricity to the grid. The npower website says that the plant provides enough power for a million homes.

The company says both modules were generating on Sunday night. The fire was in a cooling tower linked to one of the modules, and it was decided to shut down that module. It was considered safe to keep the other running.

The station's temporary closure is likely to lead to fears of power shortages this winter, which were already at risk of leaving households more vulnerable to blackouts. If there is a long-term impact from the fire, it may be that around half the capacity from the plant is hit, but possibly not all of it. This may be a further blow to the UK’s supply margins which were slashed over the summer following the unexpected closure of 3 GW of capacity.

The fire-damaged Ferrybridge coal-fired power plant and four of EDF energy’s nuclear reactors, taken offline due to safety concerns, are due to return later this year but delays would increase the risk of a supply shortfall.

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