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US, Canada and Mexico pledge 50% of power from clean energy by 2025


The upcoming ‘Three Amigos’ summit seeks to commit the three nations into a new regional clean power goal this week in Ottowa.

The three leaders will pledge to have their countries produce 50% of their power from clean sources by 2025, as well as implementing energy efficiency measures. The countries’ collective clean power levels are around 37%, and will require a great deal of work from the USA, which currently produces around three quarters of the countries’ power.

Curbing carbon emissions has been a priority for Obama as the end of his final term in office draws closer, however his new regulations on coal-fired power plants were put on hold by the US supreme court earlier this year. Despite this, the White House believes its’ Clean Power Plan will ultimately survive the challenge.

Mexico produced less than 20% of its power from clean energy last year, whilst Canada currently produces 81% of its electricity from hydroelectric, solar, wind and nuclear power generation. In addition to the proposed clean energy pledge, Mexico will join a pledge that was made earlier in the year by Obama and Trudeau to reduce methane emissions by 40% to 45% by 2025.

At the summit, the leaders will also announce new agreements to make it easier and cheaper to trade and transmit clean energy across the continent.

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