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UN Climate Summit to Begin in Peru amid dire predictions by Scientists - 1st December

UN Climate Summit

Commitments to cut emissions of greenhouse gases from two of the world’s top polluters (China and the US) leaders from over 190 countries have gathered in Peru, for the 20th session of the UN Climate Change Conference. The aim of the conference is to hammer out a new international climate change deal ahead of key talks in Paris next year.

“Never before have the risks of climate change been so obvious and the impacts so visible. Never before have we seen such a desire at all levels of society to take climate action. Never before has society had all the smart policy and technology resources to curb greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience,” said Christiana Figueres (executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change). “All of this means we can be confident we will have a productive meeting in Lima, which will lead to an effective outcome in Paris next year.”

The UN talks on climate change, come just weeks after the US and China (which produce almost as much carbon dioxide as the rest of the world combined) agreed on a bilateral deal to limit the production of greenhouse gases over the next 10- to 15 years. This sends an important signal for the rest of the world to come forward as early as possible with their own contributions,” said Elina Bardram (EU’s chief negotiator).

Christiana Figueres was optimistic that a lasting deal to curb the effects of climate change could still be worked out. “We have seen an amazing groundswell of momentum building this year. One of the main deliverables of the Lima conference will be ways to build on this momentum and further mobilize action across all levels of society,” she said, adding that immediate action was needed to “safeguard this and future generations.”

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