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UK's biggest solar farm connects to national grid - 22nd December

Solar Farm

The 46MW solar farm at Landmead in Oxfordshire is capable of powering 14,000 homes from panels on land used for grazing. The solar farm is built on low-grade farmland used for grazing sheep, which will remain along with new wildflowers to be planted as part of efforts to improve the site’s biodiversity.

The company has a total of 10 solar farms in the UK (enough to power 40,000 homes a year) with another 10 in progress, though not on the scale of Landmead which is about 5MW larger than the UK’s previous biggest solar farm. Approximately 200 people were employed during the project’s construction phase.

The new farm is built on grade three agricultural land – the middle ranking out of the 1-5 scale for quality of soil – which the company says has a history of not draining well and therefore not good for growing crops.

This solar farm will not hold the largest title for long as a 49.9MW solar farm at a former RAF site in Norfolk has been given planning permission, with construction starting in 2015.

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