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UK Wind Power Generates More Electricity than Nuclear for First Time - 8th October

Wind vs Nuclear

At half past nine on the 6th October 2014, UK wind was supplying more electricity to the national grid than UK nuclear power.

For a few minutes, the gusts over the western side of the United Kingdom supplied more than 6 gigawatts, and a temporary slight dip in nuclear output meant that wind was more important for electricity supply than the UK’s ageing nuclear fleet.

A couple of other features of electricity supply over thesame day are also worth mention.

At 4am on the same morning (6th October), the price of power (as indicated by the sell price in the ‘balancing market’ that keeps electricity supply and demand in balance) fell to a low of just over £1 per megawatt hour. Even at that time of the morning electricity generally sells for thirty times that amount. The high volumes of wind-generated electricity caused substantial disruption to the working of the power market for a few hours

And at almost the same time, the interconnector between France and England change the direction of flow. Normally France pumps almost 2GW into the UK. For a few hours the UK exported power instead and the interconnector took 2GW to France.

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