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UK Political Parties Talk Green - 17th April

UK wind power

The parties have begun unveiling their manifestos with promises to boost green and renewable technology whilst saving the UK economy.

Labour have vowed to make Britain a world leader in low carbon technology and green jobs through boosting investment and research, whilst the Conservatives are claiming to already be the greenest government ever with plans of investing £1billion in to carbon capture and storage. The SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party have also promised to invest in renewables.

The UK is second in the world when it comes to science but investment is lacking and therefore the UK is unable to develop world-beating companies. Investment promises from the government can help to resurrect the science industry.

The UK’s parties have expressed their interests in maintaining or increasing the science budget with the Liberal Democrats committing to protect the £5 million budget, the Green Party intending to double the UK’s GDP spent on science to 1%, whilst the Conservatives and Labour also make mention of the science budget.

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