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UK is seeing an increase in numbers of Squid, anchovies and bluefin tuna - 28th July

As climate change warms water, the  in their waters. Although a benefit for the fishing industry; bluefin tuna had thought to have been lost from Britons seas, its is having the opposite effect on sea birds. The warmer waters are driving the fish they rely on for food North or into deeper waters.

 The analysis of the impact of climate on the UK’s seas, found a steady rise in water temperature. It also found an obvious rising trend in sea level, which is leading to much more frequent and extreme high water events. Improved defences and forecasting have prevented an increase in coastal floods, but the report warns that sea level rise around the UK is likely to accelerate.

According to a report for the UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) Squid were being seen in the North Sea, historically this has not been the case. “The difference now is it is an established summer trawl fishery – that is a clear change,” said Matthew Frost, chair of the working group that produced the report.

Anchovies are also following the same path, “You now have an anchovy fishery, which is clearly linked to climate change – that is what the science is showing,” said Mr Frost. The anchovies come from the Bay of Biscay, where there is a large Spanish and French fishery and the shift could have political ramifications, he said, especially after Brexit when the UK takes back control of its territorial waters.

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