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UK energy supply threatened by increasing EU electricity imports – 23rd October


A report set to be published today by the Thatcher-ite Centre for Policy Studies has concluded that British energy security is under threat from increasing EU electricity imports due to the shortfall of new domestic capacity being added.

It is projected that undersea interconnectors will provide the UK with 67 TWh of power by 2030; a tenfold increase in the projection from 2012. The lead author of the report, Tony Lodge, stated that “it does not make sense to build an infrastructure which risks making the UK over-dependent on imports”, and that “there are significant supply, cost and market distortion implications of doing this at a time when the Government should be looking to strengthen energy security and reduce bills”.

The report raises concerns over growing reliance of imported electricity which would leave Britain vulnerable to price spikes and disrupted supplies, with interconnector capacity being nearly quadrupled by 2030, allowing up to 20% of UK electricity to be imported from Europe.

The full report, The Hidding Wiring by Tony Lodge and Daniel Mahoney, is due to be published today.

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