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UK electricity grid is holding back renewable energy – 11th May 2015


Britain’s ageing electricity grid is threatening the country’s prospects for a low-carbon future as it is preventing renewable energy projects from connecting to the system, according to the Solar Trade Association (STA).

Parts of the grid are closed to any new connections with further shutdowns predicted. STA claimed that the new Conservative government needs to heavily invest in energy infrastructure to protect the security of low-carbon projects and ensure that we meet our 15% renewable energy goal by 2020.

The lack of energy capacity is at the 14 private sector distribution network operators (DNOs) which carry electricity from the main grid to commercial and domestic users. Some of these DNOs e.g. Western Power Distribution, have closed the grid to new large renewable projects for up to 6 years therefore severely compromising investment in to UK renewable energy projects and limiting the UK’s potential to achieve Britain’s 2020 renewable energy goals.

STA claim that we are missing basic information because no assessment has taken place to predict how much capacity is left on the grid. Grid connection for small businesses producing their own energy is not feasible due to the high costs to connect to the grid.

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