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UK Coal Energy Hits Zero for the First Time in Over 100 Years- 16th May


Last week was thought to be the first time the UK has been without electricity from coal since the first coal-burning generator opened in London, in 1882. Juliet Davenport (Chief Executive of renewable electricity supplier Good Energy) has named it as a “historic turning point” as coal-fired electricity fell first to zero on Monday night and the early hours of Thursday morning. Grid data shows there was no electricity produced from coal for 12 hours on Thursday suggesting coal had no contribution to the UK supplies for late night demand.

Dr Simon Evans (Editor of Carbon Brief) tweeted “UK #coal generation hit zero again overnight. Now 4x this week, having previously never happened since 1882”

The government have stated they want to see coal phased out by 2025 as it is the greatest pollutant of all non-renewable energies. To follow this there has been an increase in renewable energy contributing to UK supplies with a record of 27% of the UK’s power coming from sources such as wind power in the last quarter of 2015.

Juliet Davenport stated “Our energy is becoming cleaner and greener, with wind, solar and other renewables generating more of our electricity than ever before. We are celebrating this news as it shows that our future can be fossil fuel-free.”

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