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The renewable cuts instigated by the UK Government must be stopped, says MSP McAlpine - 6th June


On World Environment Day 2016, the SNP’s Joan McAlpine called on the UK Government to reverse their position on cutting support for renewables. The MSP insisted that the SNP’s target to produce 100% of electricity from renewables by 2020 was being but at risk by the UK Government’s negative stance on renewables.

McAlpine stated that ‘World Environment Day is the perfect opportunity to reflecton the remarkable strides Scotland has made in producing clean, green energy and reducing our emissions – powering through our ambitious targets on energy, achieving 57.7 per cent of electricity from renewables in 2015 and upping that ambition to 100 per cent by 2020’.

Whilst Scotland has incredible opportunities to be a world leader in a range of renewable technologies, McAlpine urged for this potential to be acted upon to ensure that Scotland’s green energy industries get the support they need and deserve in order to continue to invest in jobs, create clean energy and tackle climate change.

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