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The Energy and Climate Change Committee calls for changes to UK energy policy 17th October


A committee of MPs have concluded their recent ‘Energy Revolution and Future Challenges for UK Energy and Climate Policy’ report with the claim that large-scale battery storage are key to keep the UK from blackouts whilst decommissioning old coal and nuclear plants. In addition, they also suggest investing on energy storage and smart efficiency technologies which will help to reduce power usage at peak times and urge for reform within the capacity market. The capacity market, despite being aimed at rewarding renewable energy production, has often benefitted diesel generators due to their flexibility which has led to appeals for change.

The executive director of Greenpeace UK, John Sauven, calls the MPs’ report “an urgent wake-up call for Theresa May’s government”, labelling it “embarrassing” to subsidise coal plants and diesel generators to keep the lights on, and supports the use of renewable energy, battery storage and efficiency technologies as a viable alternative.

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