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The Eiffel Tower Goes Green - 2nd March

Eiffel Tower

Last week, the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris installed two new wind turbines along its lower deck. The 17-foot turbines will produce approximately 10,000kWh of electricity per year; enough to supply commercial activities on the tower’s first floor and to make its visitor areas self-sufficient and sustainable in term of its electricity generation and usage.

The curved, three-bladed, vertical-axis turbines are almost silent and blend in with the bronze iron-cladding on the Tower. When they begin operation next week, the turning blades will be visible from Trocadéro square, but become almost lost elsewhere between the intricate lattice of steelwork. Up close, the turbines look elegantly placed within the Tower and have been described as a ‘beautiful’ addition to one of Paris’ landmarks.

The installation of these wind turbines are part of a €30 million regeneration project, funded by Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel. The project aims to support green energy generation and reduce Paris’ environmental impact by implementing renewable energy technologies across the city.

Over the past couple of months, Paris has been embracing green energy technologies and policies and this project thoroughly supports this agenda ahead of the global summit on climate change which it is hosting in December. The turbines also demonstrate how far we have come in term of the technology and our ability to integrate it into various different environments and settings.

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