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The drive to reduce Chinese emissions: COP 21 UN Climate Change Conference - 2nd November

Chinese coal

China’s stance against carbon emissions has changed in recent years, with an acknowledgement that something needs to be done to cut their emissions. Chinese premier Xi Jinping’s new stance is being welcomed by the French president François Hollande, who is on a state visit to China, seeking to improve relations in anticipation of a difficult climate conference.

China’s role in global carbon emissions reduction is pivotal, as they are the world’s largest carbon emitter with a developing economy and a heavy reliance on coal. China plans to reduce its non-renewable energy consumption, as well as doubling its installed capacity of wind power, and tripling its current solar power levels.

Indeed, the success of COP 21 could well be defined by Chinese participation, as a result of the influence that the country holds over other developing countries. This is especially relevant as COP 21 also seeks to bind less developed countries into emission-reducing measures.

All eyes will turn to France between the 30th November and 11th December during the UN conference, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the climate deal.

Find out more with these interactive graphs from The Guardian.

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