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Temperatures down to -12C on the coldest night of winter - 19th January


The coldest night of the winter so far was felt in the Highlands last night, with temperatures falling as low as -12C.

Temperatures had fallen to -12.2C in Loch Glascarnoch and Tulloch Bridge by 08:00 GMT. In Katesbridge, County Down, temperatures fell to -8C, where as in Dalwhinnie, temperatures hit -7C. However, temperatures were low across all of the UK, with -3C reached in Glasgow, Edingburgh, Manchester, Enniskillen and Exeter.

The lowest January temperature recorded in the UK is -27.2C in Braemar back in 1982.

Although temperatures as low as -12.2C were reached, forecasters predicted temperatures to be typically down to -5C or -6C in towns and cities, but suggested they could fall as low as -10C to -12C in some parts where snow cover continued to lie. 

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