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Sturgeon seeks energy dialogue with UK government - 22nd May

Scottish wind energy

The Scottish government is hoping for a ‘new approach’ to UK energy policy, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is looking to develop a decision approach by which decisions can only be made following consultation and agreement with Holyrood. Nicola Sturgeon described Scotland as being an ‘energy powerhouse’ but with ‘very limited powers on major energy policy’.

A major part of the ‘new energy policy’ is for reassurance that Westminster will not change subsidies for onshore wind power without consultation and agreement with Scottish ministers. The first minister also called for ‘flexibility and visibility within the levy control framework to allow the renewables sector to invest with confidence and deliver further cost reductions for the long term benefit of consumers’.

She stated that ‘Energy security is crucial to everyone, ensuring we have the right kind of energy looks after our needs and the needs of the planet therefore being a key priority for the Scottish government’. A lot has been achieved in the renewable energy field, however there is still much to do and Scotland’s cost efficiency and natural potential makes it the perfect place to develop renewable resources. This will create benefits for Scotland and the UK enabling economically efficient development of renewable energy to continue.

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