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Study calls for wind turbines to be stopped at night to help bats - 9th November


Scientists have said that those operators who take such an approach to save bats should receive more income for the electricity generated from the wind turbines.

The research found further work was required on the reasons for bats venturing close to wind farms and confirmed that the approach of switching-off the wind turbines at night is currently being explored.

However, Community Windpower’s Managing Director, Rod Wood, unaware of any bat strikes near CWL projects, said “if we are not generating power we should not get paid” and explained that it may not be politically possible to pay wind farm operators to switch off wind turbines.

Paul Lintott, one of the study’s authors also stated that it is important to consider the benefits of renewable energy and the wider context of bat strike: “It is important that this is put into context alongside the many other causes of bat mortality caused by humans, including collisions with vehicles, kills by domestic cats and range contraction due to climate change”.

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