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Sovereign investors reducing investments in fossil fuels 19th June


More sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are seeing investments adjusted towards clean alternatives away from fossil fuels, as tougher environmental rules and damage to infrastructure and real estate threaten.

The world’s largest SWF, in Norway, is divesting from companies which derive over 30% of turnover from coal and is looking to invest in cleaner alternatives such as wind power. LSE and others published a 2016 study in which risk of maintaining a ‘business as usual’ scenario was valued at $2.5 trillion, which poses an obvious threat to SWFs.

In addition to the divestment of fossil fuels due to the associated risks, the upside in the green economy is providing a real drive for investment, in areas such as electric vehicles as well as Africa-focused green infrastructure.

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Photo credit: REUTERS Stephane Mahe

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