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Solar and wind 'cheaper than new nuclear' by the time Hinkley is built – 12th August


UK government’s own projections expect onshore wind power and large-scale solar to cost less per megawatt hour than new nuclear by 2025

A new government report has shown that solar and wind power are expected to be cheaper than nuclear power for electricity production by the time the new Hinkley Point is built.  Last month the government surprisingly delayed their final decision on Hinkley which has prompted interest in alternative energy sources such as solar and wind.

A recent report by the Energy Department shows that by 2025, onshore wind and solar will be significantly better value than all other large scale sources of power in the UK by 2025. Renewable energy from onshore farms could be cheaper per unit of energy than nuclear, which is testament to the new technological advances within the sector, and prompt other nations to turn to green energy. The high wind speeds experienced in Scotland this summer have generated enough electricity on a single day to surpass all of Scotland’s energy needs for that day. Indeed, the Scottish Government has set a target for 2020 that renewable energy will contribute to 100% of the national energy consumption which can only be met if we continue to advance our renewable energy technologies now.

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